• Automate Your Facebook Ads or Posts
    With the New Era of Facebook Messenger

    Automatically Collect Leads & Send a Custom Personal
    Facebook Message to Everyone Who Comments
    on ANY of Your Facebook Posts & Ads

Think About That for a Second…

You’re instantly expanding your one-on-one personal engagement and interaction to ANYONE who comments on your Facebook page posts and Facebook ads.

That’s hundred and even thousands of comments per post and per ad that are now available for you to personally reach out to inside the Facebook messenger – automatically.

Make Your Ad Spend Count…

It’s no secret that Facebook messenger is taking over as the #1 platform businesses use to reach and engage with prospects, fans, and clients. If you look at the statistics, more and more business owners are moving their marketing into the Facebook messenger.

Businesses spend months and even years building Facebook business pages and running ads, trying to grow our brands and achieve omnipresence. Time to face the truth, though. Achieving constant engagement is harder than ever before.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could somehow not change a thing, but increase our engagement and results exponentially?

What is FB Autobox?

FB Autobox is a very new and surprising invention for internet marketing. Facebook is providing some technique for marketing that is hidden and nobody knows yet.

Facebook doesn’t provide any front-end interface to use this powerful feature. It’s possible by using some good programming knowledge only.

The most interesting part is, it’s totally free marketing that is 50 times better than email marketing.

We have made a tool for our own business and got the massive success that you can’t imagine.

FB Autobox is the world first bulk message sender to facebook messenger and automatic facebook Messenger Lead Builder.

It’s the best alternative to email marketing which is more powerful.

Here’s Why You’ll Love FB Autobox

Nowadays with 4 out of every 5 people having smartphones, and Facebook Messenger being much more easily accessible than email, it is slowly falling to the shades.

Nothing to be mention about venerability and open rate for all of your message into their Facebook messenger but the possibility of your emails being lost into the cyberspace and to never be seen again.

So, email marketing is the past, and Facebook Messenger is the future!

The Benefits of Engaging Inside of the FB Messenger are Officially Impossible to Ignore.

  • 100% Inboxing Rate
  • Notifications across mobile devices, tablets and of course the red message icon inside of FB.
  • Engaging personalization (address people by their name, date, day of the week etc).
  • Instant personal one on one engagement with prospects, fans and clients is unheard of.
  • Turn comments into lifelong messenger lead.

Bulk Messaging and Automated Lead Generation

Building your email lists are really hard. After All That Hard Work To Only See Them End Up In Spam Folders

Forget this aging technology. Start new strategies for Social Media Marketing which is proven to get massive success not only for building messenger leads but also for marketing offers at the same time.

So start Your Social Media Marketing with New Solutions and build your messenger leads for FB Autobox with a one shot.

Facebook Live Chat on Your Website/Landing Pages

Facebook recently announced new customer chat plugin into closed beta, which can allow your website/landing page visitors to chat directly with you (Facebook page) inside your website, leveraging Facebook Messenger Platform.

Our Facebook Live Chat feature is developed using this latest feature to outrun any other chat plugin running in the market. It’s allows your website/landing page visitors to instantly send and receive message right inside your web pages.

Auto Comment Tag Feature

Auto Comment Tag Feature allows to:

  • Auto Reply comment with tagging the commenter
  •  Auto comment your post by tagging all commenter

Mentioning commenter in reply will make it more personalize and Notification will sent to commenter.
Auto comment on post by tagging all commenter- so all the commenter will get notification about your comment and see it

Here’s some advanced uses of this feature:

  1. Auto reply by tagging commenter
  2. Comment on post by bulk tagging commenter
  3. Bulk reply all comments by tagging commenters
  4. Schedule your comment with bulk tagging commenters
  5. Add Image on your Bulk tagging comment

Automatically hide/delete comments & add image/gif/video on auto reply

Do you know how much customer of yours are being stolen by your competitors? Yes, your competitor always looking on your page and actively they are sending private message who commenting on your page. Hide comments after giving reply that nobody can see the comment and prevent stealing your customers.
This Feature also allow you to hide/delete comment to prevent stealing your customer and delete unwanted comment from Facebook page post. It also contains the feature to auto comment reply with image/gif/video to make comment reply more attractive !

Awesome Additional Features

FB Autobox Provide Only The Very Best Tools For Facebook Messenger
Marketing To Massively Increase Your Return On Investment ( ROI )

Easy Campaig Builder

Schedule Campaign
Customize Message With Name
Insert Youtube Video or Link
See Live Preview of Message
Delivery Report and more…

Facebook Chat Plugin

No More Support Tickets!
Instant Messaging & Auto Reply
Communication In Front, Leads In Back


Tracks Post Engagements
Converts Your Prospect To Leads
Multipurpose Usage

Auto Lead Generating Tools

One Click FB Leads Generating
Add FB Message Button Anywhere
Auto Private Reply of Comments

Messenger AD JSON Code

Messenger Ad For More Leads
“Link Click Ad” To Lead Generator
Pays You Back With Leads

Custom “Message US” Button

Forget About “Contact Us” Forms
Tansforms Any Prospect To Lead
Build Business Relationship In FB

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Pamela C. BabcockSatisfied Customer
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